The primary reason for us to breed a litter is to acquire a puppy for ourselves and to make a positive contribution to the breed. Keeping this in mind, we only choose dogs that are wonderful examples of the breed with excellent temperaments, intelligence and versatility, that come from healthy pedigrees. Adding a puppy to your family is a life-long commitment and should be taken very seriously. Prospective homes will be carefully screened.

Upcoming Litters

Since I don't breed often, the average wait for an AllAround puppy is around 12 months from the time your Puppy Questionnaire is submitted. I know that waiting for the perfect puppy can be hard, but it is more than worth it to find the perfect fit. If I do not have a puppy for you, I will help you find a puppy from a reputable breeder. Puppies are placed based on a number of different factors: your application, your desired activity levels, puppy evaluations, temperament testing, etc. When purchasing a puppy from AllAround, you are not buying a dog you are joining our family.  We keep in touch with each other via a private Facebook group, email, text messages, phone calls, and in person at multiple get togethers.

To be placed on our waiting list, please submit a Puppy Questionnaire.


How We Raise Our Puppies